HexMachine is an ecosystem dedicated to HEX. Hex Coin has been getting some much needed attention lately and we would like to see that continue. HexMachine will be the token needed to power all of the utilities in our ecosystem. Our Holders will also be rewarded in $HEX weekly from the fees we collect from our products

HexMachine Ecosystem

Our first 3 utilities will be our Payment processing dapp, shopping dapp and betting dapp. Hex will be the main currency used within all of our dapps. Our Token HexMachine will be needed to power our dapps also. Non holders will be able to use our dapp as well but their fees will be much higher than holders.

HexMachine Pay

Our HexMachine Pay dapp will allow users to pay for items using Hex on the blockchain. Load up a virtual Card with ETH or HEX and use it to make purchases in real life. Our dapp is similar to some that are already around however we focus mainly on HEX expansion.

HexMachine Bet

Place bets in over 10 sports. Wager and get paid in $HEX. The dapp is a standard betting dapp except it will cater to $HEX. Users can place their bets in ETH or $HEX and can be paid in either currency as well. Our Betting dapp has a smooth interface and the ability to follow in real time.

HexMachine Mall

Users can purchase everyday items with HEX or ETH. We would like to bring everyday people into the HEX family so it is important we make our products relatable to people who are used to traditional ways of commerce. Shop for items from vendors and other popular retailers and get rewarded in $HEX.


1,000,000,000 supply

Tax 5% buy and sell

Contract : 0x41bc3e37dc7e737b6123868857479e369d19714e

Phase 1

Phase 2

More Phases to follow